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Attendance . . . 

In order to effectively advance our students safely, maintaining good attendance is crucital. Students must strengthen the body thru consistent repetition to create muscle memory to better enable them to safely execute skills.

Its very important to us that our dancers be educated in their Art Form. Our Students learn and review dance terminology, history and theory in every class. Dancer must be present so that we can reinforce this important information.


Attendance Policy

Required Attendance

All students are required to maintain an 85% attendance rate. If a student is unable to meet attendance requirements, DA Gillette may release the student from the program.


Consistent tardiness will not be tolerated. Students arriving late are disruptive to the class. Equally importantly, warm-up exercises are designed to safely prepare the body for dancing, methodically and orderly.

Levels I, II, and III dancers that arrive late must follow the following procedure:

• Enter quietly

• Complete one set of 15 push-ups

• Beginning warming up the body

• Wait to be "invited" by your teacher to join the class

*This procedure is designed to teach respect of others and accountability. It is NOT in any way intended to be a punishment. 

Missing Classes

If you you are going to miss a class, please notify your teachers via text message.

Absences Due to Illness

We do NOT want dancers coming to the studio sick. Please keep your dancers home until they are no long contagious and can fully participate in classes. All absences due to illness are excused as long as the teacher has been notified in advance.

Absences Due to Injuries

If a dancer is injured, and cannot participate in classes, we prefer they do not come to the studio in most cases. If a dancer does come to the studio they are not allowed to do schoolwork, or use their computer or phone. If injured, please check with your teachers to 

determine if a dancer should observe classes. 

Make-Up Classes

Dancers are always welcome to make-up missed classes. Please check with your teacher to determine which classes are appropriate to attend.

Depending on the time of year, and the amount of absences a dancer has accumulated, make-up classes for absences may be required by your teachers. In the cases, you would be notified.



As dancers and teachers we spend a lot of time together. It's important we all show consideration for each other and our shared time together. Students who habitually miss classes distrupt the learning experience of others as time must be spent revisiting information already learned.




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