Kara Felmlee


Kara Felmlee
Cecchetti USA Certified

Kara has been in the Dance Profession for over 20 years. Receiving most of her training in Denver, CO, she studied dance at Denver Contemporary Dance, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School, and the Denver Dance Center. She was an ensemble member of The Denver Contemporary Dance Theatre under the direction of the late Thomas Dixon. She has appeared in many dance and theater productions throughout the state. She also worked as class demonstrator for her mentor, Ms. Franca Telesio Smith at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School. She has been blessed to study with many world renowned choreographers and teachers; Gary Abbot, Milton Myers, Franca Telesio, Debra Mercer, Susan Richardson, the late Roger Turner, the late Leni Wylliams and Ms. Betty Seibert (whom is her Cecchetti mentor and current teacher).

Throughout her career, Kara has worked with dance studios, high school & collegiate dance team, & junior/senior high school theater productions. She was a judge and class instructor for Spotlight Dance Cup. In addition, Kara also holds a B.S. in Visual Communications and worked for many years as a Graphic Artist prior to opening Dance Arts Gillette in 2015. 

Kara is a Cecchetti USA Certified Ballet Instructor and is a member of the CUSA National Committee. Her future goals are to further her Cecchetti Education and obtain certifications in Horton Pedagogy and Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique.

"My goal is to offer Gillette's youth a welcoming space for Artistic and Personal Growth.

I believe the skills learned in dance are well beyond physical. The process of mastering dance fosters creativity, self-worth and camaraderie."


"I cannot put into words how amazing Dance Arts Gillette is! The professionalism, knowledge and talent of the staff  surpasses all expectations. The teachers work hard to challenge their dancers while also making them feel confident & proud of their current skill. If you want your child to advance as a dancer and as a person of confidence and integrity, Dance Arts Gillette is a perfect fit." - Lacey & Doug Baker