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Our Mission

Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to support and inspire students as they move through their Journey of Dance while teaching them valuable life skills such as discipline, work ethic, self-confidence & camaraderie. We use the Art of Dance as a platform to help students achieve success in whatever their future desires may be." — Kara Felmlee, Dance Arts Gillette Founder/Owner

Student Goals

Dance Arts Gillette provides a high quality dance education for the youth in our community. We believe in the benefits of a dance education and aim to meet each student's individual needs to help them achieve their personal best. Dance training requires a mind-body connection that fosters critical thinking, promotes self-worth and can help develop intellect. Our aim is to inspire all our students to explore the joys of dance in a safe, nurturing enviroment.

Community Goals

Dance Arts Gillette aims to provide opportunities to enrich our community's exposure and enjoyment of the Performing Arts. With a focus on Classical Dance, we aim to produce stellar Ballet/Theater Productions, Dance Concerts and Community performances for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. We love to collaborate with other Artists in our area to support the growth of our Art Community.

Our Story

Emerge | Evolve | Expand


Dance Arts Gillette's humble beginnings were in August of 2015. Our goal was to fill a need not meant in Gillette, which was to offer a classical/conservatory-style dance curriculum with a strong emphasis on technique and Concert dance/theater performances.

Myself and one other dance teacher rented space by the hour and began teaching a handful of classes to a handful of students (quite literally).


Our first few years were our formative years. We worked hard building the strong curriculum we dreamed of and dedicated ourselves to obtaining the education and qualifications required to become a Certified Cecchetti USA Dance Studio (the first and only in Wyoming).

We held our first Cecchetti USA Ballet Exam Session in January of 2018 and entered 25 students, all of whom received a passing mark.


As our numbers grew, we realized we needed to expand so we could serve more of our community. In the summer of 2018, we build and moved into our current space, and now in 2022, we serve 80+ students & families in Gillette and surrounding areas.

We are proud to currently have 3 CUSA Certified Teachers and 1 Certified Student Teacher and don't plan to stop there!

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