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Sleeping Beauty  . . .  Set & Prop Design


We are looking for the following items to create our Set! Either on loan, rent or purchase!

The Ballet is set during the Baroque Time Period. So we are looking for very lavish ornate items!


We also needs LOTS of help desigining, painting and re-covering sets and props!


Please EMAIL us if you have a lead on any of these items! AND/OR if you can help with design!


** We are also in need of some open space! A SHOP or GARAGE where we can take items to be painted, upholstered, etc.

 If you have space you are willing to let us use for the next month or so, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!


King & Queen Thorne Bench


*READY for a volunteer to take on this project!


We found this cool vintage bench at a thrift storein town!

We need to paint the wood gold and cover it with an iridescent

cream/white fabric. (Tuffed in a perfect world)



Twin Bed Frame




The Cartwrights donated a twin bed frame, matress and box springs!

We purchased this bedframe! Just need to paint it gold!

Outdoor Seating




We purchased this beautiful bistro set for the

King & Queen in Act I!




Outdoor Fence/Edging

Approx. 1.5' tall &

25-35' wide


Prefer white, but any color is fine if we can paint it.


We also need to somehow secure this edging on boards (2x4?)




 4 Needed


We found 2 matching stools

in town at thrift stores!


Need 2 more!


We will wait to have ALL Stools so we can paint and upholster them at the same time!





*READY for a volunteer to take on this project!


Here is the craddle we purchased back in November!

It's ready for paint and design!


We need to take it from "Country" to "Baroque"!

We would like it to be WHITE, with GOLD accents!


It also needs legs or some type of stand so that is sits higher of the ground.

Any Ideas???




*READY for a volunteer to take on this project!


We have this Arbor from "Emma & Izzy's Duet" last year!

I'ts ready to be Painted GOLD!


Headboard - Bedroom Wall


We had lots of you volunteer for this project, and we GREATLY appreiciate it!


We've got Paul McElvery on the JOB!


This PROP will play double duty in the ballet!

One side will be used in the PROLOGUE behind the baby cradle

to hang our Canopy/Drapery from!


The other side will be in the bedroom wall for ACT II!

This is where the Sleeping Beauty will be "Sleeping" and Carabosse

will be eerily peaking in!




We need some platforms/steps created!


We've got Anthony McGee on the JOB!


I think we are going for rectangular/square shape instead!

Canopy & Drapery



We've got Emily McElvery on the JOB!

She's been drawing up some beautiful designs on the project!


(Similar to this image)


Cardboard Chandiler


I've  had my heart set on having a beautiful chandiler hanging in the center of our palace. However, i've been struggling trying to figure out how to hang it, and I've been worried about having something heavy above our dancers. I was just about to throw in the towl on the idea until I stumbled upon this!

A cardboard, 3D chandiler! Isn't it fabulous!

We could paint it.... you guessed it.... gold and hang beautiful beads and crystals from it!


We need a crafty creative volunteer for this fun project!


4-5 foot Candelabras


Would LOVE 2-3 tall Candelabras either silver, gold, or white.

Or of course, something we could paint.




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