Our Mission

"Our Mission is to support and inspire students as they move through their Journey of Dance while teaching them valuable life skills such as discipline, work ethic, self-confidence & camaraderie. We use the Art of Dance as a platform to help students achieve success in whatever their future desires may be." — Kara Felmlee, Dance Arts Gillette Founder/Owner

OUR MISSION for students

Dance Arts Gillette provides high quality dance education with a classical ballet emphasis. While our program is geared toward the serious dance student who wishes to pursue a higher education in dance and/or a professional career, we also believe in the benefits of a dance education for every student. We aim to meet every student's needs and have a collective goal to help them achieve their personal best.

An education in the Arts teaches many valuable life skills. Dance training requires a mind-body connection that fosters critical thinking, promotes self-worth and can help develop intellect. Our aim is to inspire all our students to explore the joys of dance in a safe, nurturing environment.

OUR MISSION for Gillette

Dance Arts Gillette wishes to support the growth of the Art community in Gillette and surrounding areas. We aim to provide stellar entertainment for our audiences through our Concerts and Community performances. 


"I cannot put into words how amazing Dance Arts Gillette is! The professionalism, knowledge and talent of the staff  surpasses all expectations. The teachers work hard to challenge their dancers while also making them feel confident & proud of their current skill. If you want your child to advance as a dancer and as a person of confidence and integrity, Dance Arts Gillette is a perfect fit." - Lacey & Doug Baker