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Cecchetti USA Classical Ballet

Dance Arts Gillette is a proud member of the classical ballet organization Cecchetti USA (CUSA). Being a part of this organization offers many benefits with one of the most important being SAFE & EFFECTIVE training for YOUR dancer.

Dance Arts Gillette Cecchetti USA Ballet Exams

Cecchetti USA Ballet Exams

Dance Arts Gillette is a Certified CUSA Dance Studio. Each season, a highly qualified examiner from the organization assesses our students to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and training to progress to the next level safely. In ballet class, students will be taught a series of exercises as well as learn Terminology that they will present to their examiners.

CUSA Exam Sessions hold many benefits. For students, exams provide an opportunity to achieve personal goals; develop poise, self-confidence and a strong work ethic for their future in dance and all other facets of their lives.

For parents, you can rest assured your child is being taught proper technique, safely and with high standards. CUSA examiners also asses our teaching staff to ensure that we adhere to CUSA's high quality standards. You can trust your family’s investments are worthwhile.

Dance Arts Gillette CUSA Summer Course

CUSA Summer Course

CUSA hosts a Residential Summer Course each year, where Cecchetti students from across the country come together and train together for a full week.

The course offers 8+ hours of training per day in ballet, pointe, pas de deux, variations as well as supplemental classes in Contemporary, Jazz, and Modern & Repertoire. Participating students will take classes from experienced CUSA Examiners as well as amazing Guest Teachers. 

We are excited to announce the 2023 CUSA Summer Course will be held at the University of Maryland! Details coming soon! 

Dance Arts Gillette CUSA Ballet Scholar

CUSA Ballet Scholar

Any dance student training with a Cecchetti USA Certified teacher is eligible to become a CUSA Ballet Scholar. This means every Dance Arts Gillette student qualifies! 


As a ballet scholar, students are eligible for scholarships at the CUSA Summer Course as well any Regional workshops.

Congratulations to Dance Arts Gillette Student & CUSA Ballet Scholar, Laini Wilkerson for being selected at our 2019 Summer Course as the 1st Runner Up for an Incentive Scholarship. She was nominated by the summer course faculty for "Exemplary Enthusiasm and Discipline in the Study of Cecchetti".

CUSA Ballet Scholar Membership Application

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