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Bruce and Angie Steele

Jane Fitch

Susan Hladky

Darren & Kim Lynde

Ryan & Vanessa Gemar

Jean & Pat Hladky

Become a Sponsor!

In order to provide our students with the best possible opportunities we can, we rely on your support!

When you sponsor our program, you are enriching the experience of many young artists

as well as helping to provide our community with stellar Art Entertainment!

How do I become a Sponsor?

Dance Arts Gillette accepts donations in any amount all season long. However, we actively seek new sponsors each December. This is is critical time of year for us as the amount of assistance we receive determines what opportunities we can provide our students for the coming year.

How are my donations spent?

Most of the funding we receive goes towards the production of our Annual Dance Concerts. As a smaller organization, we need assistance with venue rentals, set design, costuming, props and MORE! We also allocate a portion of the donations we receive to help enrich our programs by means of continuing education for our teachers, dance training equipment and in-house guest teachers/workshops.

If you are interested in becoming a Dance Arts Gillette sponsor CONTACT US today!​ Thank you for your consideration!

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