Our Classes

As a Cecchetti USA Classical Ballet Studio, Dance Arts Gillette offers our students the solid foundation they need to excel in every genre. In addition to Ballet we offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Pilates & Dance Conditioning.

Our program offers 5 Divisions, each with 2-3 Levels. Dancers move through Levels by taking Annual Ballet Exams through Cecchetti USA. This process assures parents & teachers that students have acquired all the necessary skills to safely progress to the next level. In addition, the exam process offers confidence, self-assurance and a higher purpose for learning to our students.

Primary Division
Age 5-6


Students develop musical awareness, rhythm and coordination using ballet basics, creative movement, improvisation and movement oriented games.

Age 7+


Students build their foundation of dance. The focus is on proper body placement and overall body awareness. Introduction of more complex movements and coordination of the arms, head and lower body.

Age 10+


Students condition their body by building strength, control and flexibility. Mastery of the basic principals of ballet and classical positions. Female students begin preparing their feet and body for pointe work.

Age 12+


Students increase their strength and control with speed and mental acuity. Introduction of more complex combinations, turns, batterie and balances. Focus is on maintaining alignment while dancing as well as building artistry and dynamics. Some students will begin pointe work in this division.

Age 15+


Students acquire heighten levels of strength, control and agility. Artistry is continued to be developed, while adding advanced principals and nuances to movement. Students obtain a comprehensible knowledge of the Cecchetti Method, theory and terminology.

Dance Arts
Youth Company


Dance Arts Youth Company is our Competitive and Performance Group open to students in our Intermediate, Progressive & Advanced Divisions. Students are selected via audition each Season.