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Fall Registration Opens August 1st!

Age Divisions

We believe every student deserves the absolute best Dance Education!

Teaching from internationally recognized & proven methods, 

our students gain strength, confidence and recognizable pose.

Primary              Age 5-6

Students develop musical awareness, rhythm, and coordination using ballet basics, improvisation, and movement-oriented games. We balance structure and imagination for our young dancers!

1 Class per week


Progressive         Age 14+

Students increase strength and control with speed and mental acuity. Introduction of more complex combinations, turns, batterie, and balances. Focus is on maintaining alignment, building artistry and dynamics. Some students may begin Pointe work in this division.

2-5 Classes per week

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern

Fundamentals     Age 7-12

Students build their foundation of dance by focusing on proper body placement and body awareness and learn to coordinate the arms, head, and lower body.

1-3 Classes per week

Ballet & Jazz

Advanced           Age 14+

Students acquire heightened levels of strength, control, and agility. Artistry is continued to be developed, while adding advanced principles and nuances to movement. Students obtain a comprehensible knowledge of the Cecchetti Method, theory and terminology.

3-6 Classes per week

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern

Intermediate     Age 10-13

Students focus on building strength, control, and flexibility. Mastery of the basic principles of ballet and classical positions. Female students begin preparing their feet and body for pointe work. 

2-4 Classes per week

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical

Youth Company    Age 8+

The Dance Arts Youth Company is an extracurricular program for students who desire more performance opportunities, competitive dance, and a more fast past training regimen.


Visit our Youth Company page for more information.


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Tuition Information

Please contact us to receive our current class schedule and tuition scale.

Tuition Discounts

We offer multi-class discounts. The cost per hour is discounted with each additional class taken. Families with 2 or more registered students living in the same household will receive a 5% discount on monthly tuition for the 2nd and 3rd enrolled child.


Payment Information

At the time of registration, a credit/debit card is required for monthly Auto-Pay Billing. We will email you an invoice for classes and other fees by the 2nd of each month. Your Credit/Debit card will be automatically charged on the 7th of each month. If you prefer to pay with another card, cash, or check, that payment must be made by the 6th of each month, or your credit/debit card on file will be charged.


Balances not paid by the 15th of each month will be charged a $15.00 Late Fee and accrue an additional $5.00 per week in fees until the balance is paid. If a check is returned, you will be charged an additional $30.00 and we will no longer be able to accept check payments.

Tuition is NOT prorated for absences, Holidays, and up to 2 weather-related closures. Monthly fees are tabulated to include Holiday breaks and weather closures. Tuition/Payments for all Guest Teachers, Workshops & Costume Fees are non-refundable. 


Accounts may NOT hold a balance due over $250 for more than 4 weeks. If your account is not kept in good standing, students may not be allowed to participate in classes or performances.


Registration Fees

Annual Registration Fees are $33 per student OR $55 per family and are due at the time of registration. The fee includes access to our Student Library. 

Other Fees

As a level-based studio, annual Ballet Exams are required for all students ages 7+. There is an additional fee for the Exam and required attire. Information on fees will be provided to you in advance.


Dance Arts will present an annual Spring Concert and all of our students have the option to participate. Costume purchase is required and we offer the option to purchase photographs and a digital copy of the performance.

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