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To support and inspire students as they move through their Journey of Dance while teaching them valuable life skills such as discipline, work ethic, self-confidence & camaraderie. 


Dance Arts Gillette offers a comfortable, well kept space where students & families can expect to feel welcomed and respected. We care about the well being of each student and will empower them to achieve their personal best.

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Empowering Dancers to Achieve Their Personal Best.

Programs & Classes



Cecchetti USA

The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a progressive system of training taking dancers from beginning level to professional levels. The Method was designed with careful regard to the laws of anatomy to prepare a dancer’s body to bear the physical demands of dance technique.  The Method embodies qualities that are essential to the dancer; balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, musicality and artistry.  

Dance Arts is the only Studio in Gillette certified to teach the Cecchetti Method.



Horton Technique

The Lester Horton Technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable unrestricted, dramatic freedom of expression. This technique is often taught at conservatory dance programs and professional modern companies.

Dance Arts is the only Studio in Gillette offering the Horton technique.


Jazz & Contemporary

Dance Arts offers a variety of styles in our jazz and contemporary classes with an emphasis on musicality and style.

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Conditioning & Pilates

We offer the Progressing Ballet Technique (P.B.T.) and classical pilates with qualified/certified instructors. These methods drastically improve technique as well as prevent injury.


Teacher Training

We offer in depth teacher training through our affiliated organization Cecchetti USA. All of our Ballet instructors hold certifications from CUSA or are currently enrolled in the program.


"I cannot put into words how amazing Dance Arts Gillette is! The professionalism, knowledge and talent of the staff  surpasses all expectations. The teachers work hard to challenge their dancers while also making them feel confident & proud of their current skill. If you want your child to advance as a dancer and as a person of confidence and integrity, Dance Arts Gillette is a perfect fit." - Lacey & Doug Baker